Born out of a desire to create the ideal sneaker, Eytys breaks new boundaries in the creation of unisex shoes. Created in Stockholm in 2013, this Swedish label defines itself as a platform to connect and appreciate artists. It wants to bring together the global creative community. Max Schiller and Jonathan Hirschfeld founded the brand with a philosophy of contrasts and proportions that is entirely their own. Eytys' sneaker collections reflect the elegance and minimalism of the Scandinavian design. The white sole is very slightly wedged. In canvas, leather, or suede, the shoes marry classic colors with high-quality materials. All their sneaker designs reflect a contemporary vision of the world and are unisex. The boots and ankle boots for women can be refined or imposing, with a very androgynous style. The soles are usually thick and the heels have unusual designs that reflect the creative spirit of Eytys.