Spanish fashion brand, Hereu designs men's and women's bags, footwear and accessories. Founded in Barcelona in 2014, the brand's name comes from the Catalan for "heir/heiress". And for good reason too, as the brand's heritage and savoir-faire are at its core. Its traditional craftsmanship is celebrated with each collection and combined with more contemporary elements. The colours are neutral, the patterns classic and the brand uses the finest materials which are then transformed by a network of Spanish craftspeople. The label's philosophy stays true to its typically Mediterranean roots with casual looks that are also elegantly discreet. This authenticity is highlighted by Hereu footwear such as the brand's famous leather sandals. The designs' aesthetics are innovative, with organic shapes inspired by nature, folk art techniques and even modern works of art. This design process is also seen in Hereu's bags, which are timeless and durable, the aim being that they last a lifetime. This Spanish Maison also believes that clothes and accessories should embody memories of times gone by.