Accessories, Belts LOEWE Women

Our selection of Loewe belts showcases the craftsmanship and quality Spanish calf leather for which the brand is known. Artisanal creations include leather belts in a variety of widths, styles and colors. Reversible belts feature smooth leather on one side and embroidery on the other, while monogram brass buckles elevate these essential Loewe accessories. The narrow L Buckle belt in both tan and black is a delicate choice, while the black Anagram Wide belt is adorned with a prominent logo in a silver finish. The brand's jacquard motifs and embossed monogram add fresh updates to these timeless designs. For a more dramatic look, the corset-inspired Obi belt is an instantly recognizable statement piece. Defined by a cinched waist and flared hips, this structured calfskin belt ties in the back with leather straps.