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Adresse24, rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris


The Beauty Department takes a fresh approach, unfolding over 2 levels iconic brands and exclusive novelties.

Our beauty experts are always on the lookout for new and fresh approaches, and our deliciously cosmopolitan array of cosmetics embodies this philosophy. They are sourced from a multitude of countries across the globe like New Zealand, the US, Sweden, and Korea, as well as closer to home in England and France.

Le Bon Marché Ground & 1st Floor

Le Théâtre de la Beauté

Le Théâtre de la Beauté is laid out either side of the central escalator, underneath the art deco glass ceiling, and encircled by balustrade-crowned mezzanines.

Placing wellbeing and beauty at the heart of its focus, this department issues a tempting invitation to pamper oneself.

Le Bon Marché Ground Floor

La Petite Épicerie de la Beauté

Recalling a contemporary ‘loft space’ for women, this 'beauty deli' offers a new approach to making the best of yourself where a cornucopia of discoveries awaits you... many brands are newly released or exclusive.

Our little ‘beauty deli’ always has new things on the counters with special events and surprises to showcase seasonal fashion products. The Petite Epicerie de la Beauté also offers lots of smart services to suit modern lifestyles.

Le Bon Marché 1st Floor