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Meet : Ysé

Portrait | February 12, 2019


A new name in Lingerie, the young brand Ysé enhances women’s bodies with delicate and feminine underwear.
To coincide with the opening of the new Ysé section at Le Bon Marché, we met the brand’s designer Clara Blocman, who reveals her inspirations and top picks, as well as her gentle understanding of femininity.

How would you describe Ysé style ?

It is a feminine style with a certain understatedness. They are lines that can be worn every day while still giving the wearer a real dimension of pleasure. Transparency is the main feature...as our lines are all the more beautiful as they reveal the form of the body.

How does lingerie help women feel more confident ?

Lingerie is the first item of clothing that we put on in the morning and the last that we take off in the evening. It is with us all day long and says a lot about us, our desires, our moods, etc. We are sometimes the only person who gets to see the lingerie that we wear. Or perhaps we like to share it intimately with the person whom we love.

I think that beauty comes from self-confidence. Beauty is not a standard or an ideal. If we are free to love ourselves we gain great strength, the energy that we need to reach real fulfilment.

What inspires you ?

Poetry. This is why all of our collections are named after French poems, as well as paintings and photography. When it comes to swimwear, travel inspires me. Details inspired by ready-to-wear fashion also feature in our swimwear lines (low scooped necklines, chain loops and woven details, buttons, belts, etc.).

You’ve designed a sensual and feminine collection especially for Valentine’s Day. Which is your favourite set to treat yourself ?

My favourite is definitely our “Rêve Eveillé” collection, which is all made with Calais lace. I really designed it to be a precious piece. We have worked with Noyon, a lace maker in Calais, since the beginning. Their lace is like no other, and I am really pleased that Ysé can offer models which are so uniquely delicate.

Which Rive Gauche address is your personal favourite for a romantic evening ?

A quick drink before curling up in the seats at the Panthéon cinema!

Thinking about the products you love most, which ones can only be found at Le Bon Marché ?

La Bouche Rouge lipsticks.