The French fashion house Courrèges was born in the early 1960s from the spirit of its founder, André Courrèges, and his wife Coqueline Courrèges, whom he met at Balenciaga. Before his passion and dedication to fashion, this visionary's path led him to innovation and the search for progress, elements that he never ceased to bring to light in his creations. His journey and his ambition push him to see further, to explore what the world has to offer and it is in this way that he began to explore the world of women's fashion in the early days of his eponymous house. The fashion world is indebted to the iconic brand Courrèges for innovative concepts such as "Couture Future", launched in the late 1960s. The idea is to offer the quality of haute couture in ready-to-wear pieces. But it is above all by challenging people's perceptions that the fashion house finds its place in the fashion landscape, participating in the liberation of women. We then discover pieces that revolutionised their time, such as the unavoidable mini-skirt, which later became a real icon. Courrèges' innovation is reflected in its cuts - regularly placing the now iconic trapeze shape at the heart of its collections - and also in its materials. The brand made bold choices, such as offering PVC boots and vinyl jackets, which are still part of the Courrèges wardrobe today. The iconic Courrèges style is given a futuristic touch season after season, but does not forget simplicity, the love of immaculate white, deep black, the intensity of colours, straightforward cuts: all these elements that have characterised the identity of the house since its first collections. Today in the hands of its Belgian-born artistic director Nicolas Di Felice, Courrèges continues to bring fashion to life with an avant-garde eye. While remaining faithful to the DNA of the French house, the collections are in keeping with the times to adorn the modern woman. The designer continues to use the signature style that has made the brand so successful, such as the swallow cut and the use of solid colours, while integrating them into his own personal universe inspired by the world of nightlife. He brings a touch of darkness to the women's wardrobe and revisits classics such as the vinyl jacket, which is THE Courrèges product. For him, Courrèges fashion must be sustainable. He offers pieces that are designed to last, clothes that are designed to stay with you for a long time. From this stems the desire to work with more eco-friendly materials, notably through a 70% vegetable-based vinyl. invites you to dive into the timeless world of Courrèges. Experience the modernity of an iconic fashion house. 
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