A luxury brand created in Stockholm in 2005, House of Dagmar designs elegant and understated pieces. The three sisters who co-founded it are actively engaged in eco-responsible fashion that is sustainably produced. Their avant-garde efforts in the couture industry won them, in spring 2021, the very first Sustainability Award at Copenhagen's Fashion Week.
Taking inspiration from their late grandmother (Dagmar) these designers produce elegant and sustainable clothing created for the modern woman. The high quality artisanal pieces have allowed House of Dagmar to redefine luxury to include a commitment to the ecology and the environment. Their choice of materials is strictly governed by ethical and sustainable criteria.
The brand's iconic knitwear pieces have conquered the international scene. Whether unstructured or more traditional, their dresses and knitwear give women confidence to create a wardrobe that truly reflects who they are. House of Dagmar is committed to responsible design that is also confident and stylish.