BY FAR Women

Since 2016, BY FAR has been offering women designer fashion accessories to enhance a classic silhouette. Sisters Valentina Ignatova, Sabina Gyosheva and Denitsa Bumbarova blend their creative worlds to bring a personal touch to versatile collections. The founders of the label cultivate a made-to-measure aesthetic in response to the complexity of modern life. BY FAR, an acronym made of the initials of their sons' names - Filip, Alec and Roman - is constantly reinventing itself and is always ahead of the fashion curve. From Sofia to London, via Sydney, the brand is characterised by a strong identity. Its savoir-faire and mastery of high-quality technical materials make their accessories real must-haves. BY FAR is in search of innovation and proves it through each of its pieces. An elegant shoe or ultra-feminine boot matches a bag in sensual colourways. The belts are equally desirable and add the finishing touch to an outfit. Emotion is always present in the creations of the Bulgarian brand.