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Brunello Cucinelli S.p.A. is an Italian fashion house operating in the so-called “absolute” luxury sector and specialising in cashmere and casual chic, ready-to-wear clothing. Founded in 1978 by the eponymous designer and entrepreneur, the success of the Brunello Cucinelli Brand lies in the history and legacy of Italy’s outstanding craftsmanship, as well as in its contemporary design: a valuable strategy founded on innovation and tradition combined. It is thanks to these characteristics that the company has become one of the most exclusive ambassadors of Italian lifestyle the world over.

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The attention to detail, the care taken when creating a product can be seen in the use of high quality raw materials, the tailoring, and the craftsmanship made exclusively in Italy. In 1987, Brunello Cucinelli decided to move the company headquarters to the medieval hamlet of Solomeo that, since then, has rediscovered its ancient manufacturing heritage and has returned to life. Today, the Brunello Cucinelli brand is distributed around in the world’s leading capitals and cities and at the most exclusive resorts. It currently employs approximately 1,400 people.

Culture and beauty are fundamental values for Brunello Cucinelli. They are part of everyday life: they are to be found in the colours of the landscape surrounding Solomeo, in the design of the road that climbs up the hill flanked by cypresses, in the natural light flooding into every department where each task is properly organised. Human dignity begets responsibility and responsibility begets creativity. As Brunello Cucinelli likes to say, “our comprehensive quality is the result of the inner quality of each and every one of us”.

Beauty will save the world.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky